Every Line Section Equipment that is of type Transformer has an associate Transformer type.

Examples of some basic Transformer Types:

Each type of Transformer has properties/specifications that are used to aid in the determination of the Thermal Ratings of the associated Transformer. These properties are multiplication factors to be applied to the Transformer rating to calculate the thermal ratings of the Transformer.

NOTE: Transformer Types are included for backward compatibility with the version one thermal ratings equations and are used only to import data from prior versions of the Thermal Ratings program.

A user with the proper privileges (see: User Roles) can manage the Transformer Types that can be associated with a Transformer.

Transformer Types can be created, modified and deleted from the "Transformer Types" window.
To manage the list of known Transformer Types, use the 'Transformer Types...' menu item on the Application's main window.

TransformerType Menu

Transformer Type Window

To gain access to actions that can be performed on an Transformer Type record utilize the context menu that is accessible via clicking the right mouse button on the Transformer Type, within the list, you wish to edit.

Transformer Type Window - Context Menu