Thermal Ratings Software (TRS) is an easy to use tool to help manage the thermal rating capacities and limiting factors of an electric utility's line section and substation equipment.  The interactive realtime calculations within the interface helps Transmission Operators, Transmission Planners and others concerned with the reliability of the BES (Bulk Electric System) to maintain up to date information and the ability to plan into the future.

TRS Provides:

User Interface

  1. In addition to the Equipment Ratings Calculations being availible in reports, Equipment Rating Calculations are able to be viewed on the Line Sections form.
  2. Supporting the new 'In-Service / Out-of -Service' functionality, the user is able to specify a Calculate Limiting Factors as of date. This allows for limiting factor calculations to be displayed as of a given date; as it relates to when equipment existed in a Line Section.
  3. There is a Responsible party / Approved by data field associated with each line section equipment record to indicate who authorized the values associated with the piece of equipment.  This is simply a data field that can be filled in to associate a User with a specific piece of Line Section Equipment.
  4. A Parameter Set selection is made available from the 'Line Sections' form to allow the user to select which 'Parameter Set' to use when calculating the equipment capablilities being displayed on the' Line Sections' form.
  5. Default values associated with Equipment are used to auto-populate form data fields when a new piece of equipment is created within the system to make the Application easier to use. These values are specified along with the type of Equipment.
  6. User Roles / Access Privileges are built into the Application and are managed via the User Roles window.

See the User Interface Standards page for more information about the standards relating to how you interact with the Application.

See the Glossary of Terms page for definitions and terminology used within this document and Application.

The entry point into the Application is the Line Sections form. The majority of the Equipment management, inventory, planning and thermal ratings calculations are handled through this form.

Line Sections form

The administration and management of the underlying and supporting data is handled by a variety of windows that are accessible via the View menu. Access to the management of this supporting data is based on the User's Role.

Menu -View