Substations are End Points for Line Sections. They are Equipment container containers.

They can contain:

Each of the above are Line Section Equipment containers and can contain the full spectrum of know Equipment.

Substations can be created, modified and deleted from the "Substations" window.
To manage the list of known Substations, use the 'Substations...' menu item on the Application's main window.

Substation Menu

Substation Window

Note: Substations are 'Division' based; meaning they must be associated with a 'Division'. Therefore, when creating or editing a Line Section's end points the only Substations that will show up in the list of end points will be those associated with the same Division in which the Line Section being edited is in.

To gain access to actions that can be performed on a Substation record utilize the context menu that is accessible via clicking the right mouse button on the Substation, within the list, you wish to edit.

Substation Window - Context Menu

Substation Window - new Substation

Substations are Line Section Equipment containers and as such will show up in the list of known Substations within a Division on the main application window within the treeview of Line Sections. To mark an existing Substation as simply an End Point (not capable of containing Equipment, and not showing up on the main window's treeview) simply click on the 'Mark as a Terminal' button. Once marked as a Terminal the Substation will no longer be visible on this window and can be edited (and even set back to being not a Terminal) via the Terminal window.

Substation Window - Mark as a Terminal