Parameter Sets are used to define the ambient values (wind speed and air temperature) to use during the thermal ratings calculations of Line Section Equipment.

Parameter Sets relate to Calculation Methods to allow for Parameter Set values to be appropriately selected during thermal rating calculations by referencing the values which correspond to the Calculation Method for which the equipment's Line Section has been defined.

For example:

Line Section '101 Redding - Red Bluff' is defined as being a PP7 Line Section (uses the PP7 ambient values).
Line Section - Redding - Red Bluff
When calculating the thermal ratings for this Line Section's equipment the user has selected the 'Default Parameter Set' on the Line Sections window.
Parameter Set Dropdown
The ambient values that will be used will be those defined for the 'Default Parameter Set' associated with the PP7 'Calculation Method'. Parameter Set - PP7 Calculation Method

A user with the proper privileges (see: User Roles) can manage the list of Parameter Sets.

Parameter Sets can be created, modified and deleted from the "Parameter Sets" window.
To manage the list of known Parameter Sets, use the 'Parameter Sets...' menu item on the Application's main window.

Parameter Set Menu

Parameter Set Window

To gain access to actions that can be performed on a Parameter Set record utilize the context menu that is accessible via clicking the right mouse button on the Parameter Set, within the list, you wish to edit.

Parameter Set Window - Context Menu

Parameter Set Window - new Parameter Set

Each Parameter Set's ambient values are grouped by Calculation Method.

Parameter Set Window - Calculation Method Dropdown

To set a Parameter Set's values:

There is no 'Save' Button; values are saved automatically.