Equipment Types define the kind of Line Section Equipment that can be added to an Equipment Container.

Examples of some basic Equipment Types:

Each type of Equipment has properties/specifications that are used to determine the Thermal Ratings of a piece of equipment within an equipment container; like a Line Section. Every 'Equipment Type' is assigned to an 'Equipment Group'. 'Equipment Groups' are used to link 'Equipment Types' to the properties/specifications that are used to calculate the thermal ratings of Equipment.

Examples of some basic Equipment Types, their default Equipment Group and the associated properties:

Equipment Type Equipment Group Properties
Overhead Wire Wire Action Level Temperatures
Type of Conductor
Number of Conductors
Circuit Breaker Circuit Breaker Nameplate Rating
Allowable Hot-Spot Temperature
Thermal Time Constant
Disconnect Switch Disconnect Switch Nameplate Rating
Allowable Maximum Temperature
Increment Emergency Temperature
Emergency Durations
Loadability Multipliers
Secondary Other Ratings are manually entered
Transformer Other Ratings are manually entered

A user with the proper privileges (see: User Roles) can manage the Equipment Types that can be associated with Line Section Equipment.

Equipment Types can be created, modified and deleted from the "Equipment Types" window.
To manage the list of known Equipment Types, use the 'Equipment Types...' menu item on the Application's main window.

EquipmentType Menu

Equipment Type Window

To gain access to actions that can be performed on an Equipment Type record utilize the context menu that is accessible via clicking the right mouse button on the Equipment Type, within the list, you wish to edit.

Equipment Type Window - Context Menu

Equipment Type Window - new Equipment Type