Conductor settings are assigned to Line Section Equipment related to Wires and Cable. They are used to indicate the Conductor settings used in the calculation of thermal rating for the various Action Levels.

Conductors can be created, modified and deleted from the "Conductors" window.
To manage the list of known Conductors, use the 'Conductors...' menu item on the Application's main window.

Conductor Menu

Conductor Window

To gain access to actions that can be performed on a Conductor record utilize the context menu that is accessible via clicking the right mouse button on the Conductor, within the list, you wish to edit.

Conductor Window - Context Menu

Conductors are comprised of Materials like: Aluminum, Copper and Steel. The management of Materials is accomplished via the Material window. You can gain direct access to the Material window by clicking the 'Material' hyperlink on this Conductor window.

Conductor Window - new Conductor